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  • Because of Christ's Obedience: We Have Peace with God even in Adversity - 02/28/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • Because of Christ's Obedience: Nothing Can Separate Us from God's Love - 02/21/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • Last Sunday after the Epiphany: The Transfiguration of Our Lord - 02/14/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • In Christ We Have: The Awakening of Hope - 02/07/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • In Christ We Have: The Ultimate Answer - 01/31/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • In Christ We Have: A Gospel Ministry - 01/24/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • In Christ We Have: The Human Meeting the Divine - 01/17/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • The Baptism of Our Lord - 01/10/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )
  • The Epiphany of Our Lord - 01/03/2021 ( Video | Bulletin )


  • "Faith Waits" by Luke Werre - 02/28/2021 ( Text )
  • "Focus Your Faith on God's Faithfulness" by Luke Werre - 02/21/2021 ( Text )
  • "Remember the Glory on the Mountain" by Shaun Arndt - 02/14/2021 ( Text )
  • "God Works All Things for Your Good" by Shaun Arndt - 02/07/2021 ( Text )
  • "Christ's Word Has the Authority to Save Us" by Luke Werre - 01/31/2021 ( Text )
  • "Fishing Lessons" by Shaun Arndt - 01/24/2021 ( Text )
  • "Jesus is the Open Door to Heaven" by Luke Werre - 01/17/2021 ( Text )
  • "What is yours is Mine, What is Mine is yours!" by Shaun Arndt - 01/10/2021 ( Text )
  • "You're In!" by Luke Werre - 01/03/2021 ( Text )

Bible Studies

  • "Sword & Canon Part 2" by Shaun Arndt - 02/28/2021 ( Video )
  • "Sword & Canon Part 1" by Shaun Arndt - 02/21/2021 ( Video )
  • "Living in Christ: A Review of Ephesians Part 6" by Luke Werre - 02/14/2021 ( Video )
  • "Living in Christ: A Review of Ephesians Part 5" by Luke Werre - 02/07/2021 ( Video )
  • "Living in Christ: A Review of Ephesians Part 4" by Luke Werre - 01/31/2021 ( Video )
  • "Living in Christ: A Review of Ephesians Part 3" by Luke Werre - 01/17/2021 ( Video )
  • "Living in Christ: A Review of Ephesians #2 My Life in Christ" by Luke Werre - 01/10/2021 ( Video )
  • "My Wealth in Christ - Part 1" by Luke Werre - 01/03/2021 ( Video )

Weekly Walk

The Peace Weekly Walk is a home Bible reading and devotion series for the entire congregation. Pastor Arndt, Pastor Werre and Dr. Arthur Eggert have worked together to break down the Bible into short sections for daily reading and provide questions that dig into the substance of the text. Each week has 5 devotions that should take 5 to 10 minutes to read and discuss. Questions range from those a young child can answer to those that take some thought and add deeper insight to the passage. The entire congregation, young and old, will be working through scripture together!

The Weekly Walk team selected the book of Mark for the first 9 weeks. All weeks with answers are located here so you can go back and revisit them.

If you come across your own questions about the text, please email the team at We also recommend the additional Mark resources below.

+ How do I lead a Weekly Walk family devotion?

Many things demand our attention throughout the day and they multiply with each additional member of a family. A short daily devotion is a great opportunity to set time aside for all to focus on God's Word. Each week has 5 devotions, allowing you to stay on track even when missing a couple nights.

Choose a Time - When is it easiest to find everyone in the same place? For some this might be at breakfast before the day begins, while others prefer just after dinner or before bed. Find the time that works for you and set that aside for study each day.

Begin with Prayer - Each Weekly Walk sheet has a prayer for that week. Invite those with you to bow their heads and fold their hands as you read the prayer.

Read the Selected Passage - Every day has a selection to read, each about 10 verses long. Questions will be based on the words of the Evangelical Heritage Version translation, but you can use any translation you have at home. The EHV is also available on Bible Gateway and can be purchased from the Peace office. Begin by reading this yourself, but also consider allowing others to read the weekly selection if interested.

Talk Through the Questions - The provided questions will increase in complexity somewhat from the first to the last. Start by asking the youngest family member, giving him or her time to think and answer. If he or she is stumped, move to the next one. Sometimes you may not be certain of an answer. That's OK. Our heavenly Father provides us many resources to teach and guide us. Answers will be posted here for each week but also consider these other options:

  • Email the Weekly Walk team at
  • Stop a pastor or friend after church to discuss.
  • Have a child ask their Peace grade school or Sunday School teacher.
  • Check out the People's Bible or other resources listed here.

Read the Blessing - Close the devotion by reading the provided blessing for you and all in attendance.